Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Earnings in your ear! ~ Big Lots, Inc. (Public, NYSE:BIG)

BIG beats, stock takes a hit! 

$30.72 ... down 7.08%! 

... still up 92% YTD ??? 

Puffy says .... "take that, take that" 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

SunTrust (STI) down 2.5%


Anonymous said...

shorting jrcc this morning!!!

Anonymous said...


What is the target price to sell for HK? Do you know the approximate time period for when floyd sells the company?

The rising oil prices are sweet for this stock's rise.

P.S. Nice call on STP - that was huge

BUY ON THE DIP said...

go team!

BIG down BIG. 10%+ since reco.

Change: 1.12 (3.65%)

BIGUF up 80%+!

and Kevin, our HK target has always been $39 ... friends of Floyd said he would sell at $40+ ...not sure when.

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on holding ENER Through earnings? I'm hearing a lot of shit about Solar, starting to worry this is a pump and dump.