Friday, August 22, 2008

Focused on Profits! ~ Focus Media Holding Limited (ADR) (Public, NASDAQ:FMCN)

The BOTD weekly winners:

FMCN up 21.68%!  

STP up 25.07%!  

HK up 15.08%

DGP up 10.42% 

Weekend RECO = SUN ... in San Diego 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

we started our BIG short TODAY! ... with the hopes of BIG going higher.

We will fade this rally into earnings, buying more puts on the pop.

*TUESDAY 26th* .... gimme the loot.

Anonymous said...


You make the best calls! How do you do it? lol. This blog is so sweet! Props to you BOTD and ur market intelligence! I wish I had the money to follow what you say but it's all tied up in cameco, hk, and emc stock. This site has made being a stock noob so much easier haha. I come to this site almost every day. I wish I would have been approved for my option trading account so that I could follow your puts and calls to make big coin, but I was denied because I am a student :P.

Props to you and GO TEAM!


Anonymous said...

well re do it and say your on a student,

there is alway's a way ,,

team botd
fast life

Anonymous said...

Korean bank said that their offer to buy a stake in Lehman is off the table because of how bad of financial shape they are in, should have bought puts instead of covering my short of LEH.

Look for financials to drop on Monday, also. Short WB , I am.

Anonymous said...

Also, look at the PUTS on WB, good lord. Everybody knows its due to FALL. :-)