Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Petrohawk prices! ~ Petrohawk Energy Corporation (Public, NYSE:HK)

Is FLOYD up to the challenge? 

HK's public offering priced today at $26.53

closed the day $27.88 (up 5%) 

.... when CHK did their offering, the stock fell off with all other natgas plays .... let's see if our HK can hold. 

go floyd!  .. go team! 





BUY ON THE DIP said...

New ipo!

Friend of a friend owns the company,..should be a winner

Buy SITO!!!

p.s. The world feels right again...SKF, SRS up nice!

Sold MOS for a nice gain...agu, hk, and GENZ is finally above $80!!!

Go team!

Anonymous said...

do you just buy options. or just stock

Anonymous said...

looks like time to get back into HK... i made a quick 90% profit on earnings.

Mattyrye said...

Did someone awake a sleeping HAWK???

Anonymous said...

I would really really like to short RTH , but I am waiting until after WMT announces tomorrow, their numbers may not be too bad because of how cheap they are and how broke everyone is. After false optimism is gained from them, I will short RTH. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah RTH has CVS too, which has done ok, people buy their drugz there. Costco is also doing ok and WMT just reported good numbers. Retail as a whole should tank the rest of this year though.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I shorted it, at +1.6% today. Maybe a little premature but this retail rally might be real short lived, it's based off nothing except wal-marts numbers.

Anonymous said...

what broker is the best to trade options?

etrade, ameritrade etc

Mattyrye said...

schwab streetsmart pro

Anonymous said...

I got scwhab and izone/ameritrade. I actually do like ameritrades platform better overall for trading, not sure about options specifically.

Jim Collins said...

Floyd rocking the French cuffs LOL.
Ties too long though and doesn't go with the shirt.