Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Bro, push the RESET button!

Can we start over?  

HK down 14%
*BOTD under $29ish??* 

AGU down 9% 
BOTD in the 70's??!! 
*reports in 2 days* 
 hedge w/ MOS puts

RIO down 7%
re-buy at $25! 
*reports THURS*

.... the "drug" plays held strong today. 


EARNINGS SHORTS:  *after the close*  SNCR and PCLN 


p.s.  make sure to check the comment section , "jd" is on fire.   going 10 for 10 on recent earnings plays.  nice job on KBR down 15%!!! .... at least someone is making money on this site, eh? 


Anonymous said...

go JD!

Anonymous said...

thx, I just got thrown by a short-covering rally of PPS fueled by an early market rally that makes no sense, pretty sure it's headed back down but I got out early for no gain, luckily not much of any loss but still, it had a lot of short positions opened so I should have expected it.

Anonymous said...

GENZ is solid!

Go team!!!!

Anonymous said...

what's your plays for today JD? With the Fed reporting and such?

Anonymous said...

Today was bogus, there was all kinds of Bs spin and manipulation. This rally was absurd. Makes me want to stop trading. Eventually reality will set in though. Fundamentals of the US economy are terrible. I don't see commodities taking an endless beating, they are coming back, I bought UNG and I did something crazy, I bought DGP. I have no idea when the turn-around will occur though so I don't recommend for everyone as it could cost you big if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

PCLN down big!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SNCR also down BIG!

Anonymous said...

DGP? That is crazy... I know b/c I bought some 2 days ago :)

Hedged with puts on some miners.