Sunday, August 10, 2008

ANGER IS A GIFT ~ One Day As A Lion [EP]

WAR is BAD ..... DRUGS are GOOD.

Album Review:

Zach de la Rocha (RATM frontman) & Jon Theodore (former Mars Volta Drummer) combine for a familiar mix of beat heavy, chunky distortion filled political rants. 

Rage like, but with no Morello the guitar work gets a bit stale.   Good thing this [EP] is only 5 tracks.   FUNKED OUT, LOUD, THICK, HARD, & HEAVY!  ... buy it! 

Top Track:  "If You Fear Dying" 

WAR is BAD, .... DRUGS are GOOD. 

Prescription Basket of Goodness:  GENZ, CRL, VRAD, AFAM, PMC, ABC, MYGN, ALXN, EMIS, IDMI, ISIS, and AMGN. 

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