Thursday, August 28, 2008

PUTS ON THE POP! ~ Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:ABK)

Who's BORED?

..... ABK up 7.49
+2.25 (+42.94%)


... Sept & Oct $7.50's


Anonymous said...

that mean skf ?

Anonymous said...

YES, financial short heaven is upon us. I forgot to pop in to tell you guys. BOTD probably picked out a good one but you could probably short anything and get returns right now, LULZ. Just a matter of when. Possible big sell-off Tueaday is possible. Even if not the FDIC just leased 5 more floors in Dallas and is hiring like crazy, that should tell you whats to come.

Mattyrye said...


Anyone know how HK will be affected by Gustov? Obviously the higher prices will help them, but will they incur any damages? Would it be better to play the straight commodity going into the weekend?

Anonymous said...


7.10 -0.32 (-4.33%)

Anonymous said...

This is frustrating! I'm short MER and GS & they're the only financials in the green today.


I"m short ABK too! =]

Anonymous said...

Hey JD, what other blogs do you frequent?

Anonymous said...

I post to all the time, I'm jd603 there.

Yeah, financials are being propped up by somebody/some thing. Maybe we'll have an FDIC Friday again.

Tuesday is what I'm waiting for.


Anonymous said...

any thoughts on shorting LEH at this point?