Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Apple Store in La Jolla, CA ~ Apple Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

The economy sucks and the Apple store looks like a ride at DisneyLand. 

The "human" marketing campaign! 

The iPhone 3G @ Apple Store in La Jolla, CA: 

Wednesday 1pm:  25 person line?!! on a weekday , and after the lunch rush. 16GB black only. 

Thursday 3pm:  SOLD OUT  ~ and still a 5 person line , hmmmm ... 

Friday 2pm:  35 person line, and just the 16GB white.

Marketing Genii #1  ~ we only have the 16GB?  50% more expensive!   

Marketing Genii #2 ~ AT&T stores are SOLD OUT.  backlog at 2 weeks.  you can wait for AT&T to call or stand in the human marketing campaign at the Apple Store! 


Anonymous said...

Got one that may drop like a rock:


It popped on news they had a buyout offer, the bid was rejected after-hours on Friday. That will immediately go back down, but if we have a down day on the market, it will probably have additional sell-off.

They also announce earnings after close monday and i hate this company. HEH

Anonymous said...

also thinking of shorting NAPS ,,, napster , who uses it any more? nobody I know. earning after close monday

Anonymous said...

Consumer spending expected to post its first decline in 17 years

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the war in Russia whch will drive up oil and the dollar down and reverse the dollar rally, possibly... I get continually surprised by this market though.

Stock Shotz said...

I agree that oil may well reverse and go higher and if it does, we are going to see this market drop like a brick. We have interviewed many investors that think oil is heading much much higher in the longer term. Jim Rogers and Ryan Krueger both made compelling cases for much higher oil prices during our interviews with them. The interviews can be seen at

I hope that oil prices moderate, I just don't expect them to.

Anonymous said...

i like those guys, Peter Schiff is the other who I usually agree with...

Anonymous said... did an awesome show this weekend too blowing holes in the "deflation" theory etc. check that out if you didn't already.