Thursday, March 5, 2009


*SHORT* $GS pays (again)

GOLDMAN broke $80!!

the ROLL DOWN 75s. (GSOO) 

... took some profits under $80 using "top of book" awareness. 

DOW JONES: new low 6544.10

"get SHORT, stay SHORT"   DOW 5000-6000  
    ... 545 more points to level #1. 

BUY & HOLD is ALIVE! (too bad we over-trade) 
YEAR-to-DATE 2009:
$FAZ up 135%
$BGZ up 106%
$TZA up 133%
$SRS up 83%
... all priced at or near $100. 

            MARKET TOXICITY!! 

 "help garden this place, not destroy it."

*had we been un-hedged during this drop, we may have retired ... yes, we're making good money, but also giving back 30%+ on most trades due to hedges.  $IYR calls, $VIX puts, WTF!!! ... With so much confidence in DOW 5000-6000,  it's annoyingly painful to look back at hedging losses & missed opportunities. $FAZ 47? pfft.  $X at $35 (now $17), $BA at $45 (now $30), $XOM in the 80's, $MSFT is a fatty (we actually lost money shorting billy last month due to expiration),  $RIMM at $55 (sold 10 points too soon), $RIG above $60 (twice), $AMR at $12 (now its at $2), $KUB at $35, $SRS at $48, $BGZ in the low 50s, $TZA low $40s ... we "had" them all.   

Un-Learned RULE #44  .... "right on the idea, wrong on the trade." 

.... i can't help but be frustrated with this one,  being correct and still losing money!?!! or taking profits waaaay tooo early!!?! ...  this can happen with macro economic views, options expiration, entry/exit points on common stock, pairs trades, over-trading, over-hedging, timing is a bitch!,  no one can hit the high bid on every trade.  we, as traders, hold ourselves accountable to an extreme.  Learning from your trades is one thing, but let's all try not to "shouldda, wouldda, couldda" ourselves to death.  this market is frustrating enough.  Look forward and find "your" next great trade.  and remember, ... 

..."what you focus on you find." 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

we must hedge, it's a discipline that saves money over time.

Kidd Jones said...

FCX rockin boy....

Kidd Jones said...

bought some FAZ 93.5

Kidd Jones said...

sold at $95.5.. naptime