Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The GIFT of Goldman!!! ~ *short* Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:GS)


.... we used acronyms like, $GS. Going South.  Get Short.   and 'twitpic hate mail' with the grey line of resistance. 

today $GS = GOT SOLD. 
$82.37 -3.90 (-4.52%)

GS OPportunity ... GSOP. 
the MARCH 80 puts of 100%+ profit. 


"sold some and rolled some." ... down to the MARCH 75s. GSOO. 



 p.s.  remember the sea shells. *short* $KMB.  new lows. 
  *no bottom = no need for toilet paper*  


BUY ON THE DIP said...

KMB is a good "tell" ... if that shit moves, you know the market is in rally ka-mode.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

added spec FAST long .... another "friend" RECO.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

watch DHI & CX tomorrow.

D R HORTON MAR 21, 2009
$ 7.500 PUT(DHIOU: OPRA)

** huge PUT buy today.

... add puts on DHI to hedge IYR calls?

Anonymous said...


everytime you put that on.. i would always think of that scean in demolition man 187 MURDER. DEATH. KILL.

Anonymous said...

Prof BOTD.

For the GSOO, if you own 25 calls, how fast do they sell? or how does that work?

for example, the bid is 4,10 and the ask is 4.20 and last is 4.10, what price would i put it at so i can get out fast? im not clear on how that workds

Anonymous said...

do you guys think it's good to short MDR still?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Done with MDR, went long HK, took profits today. Added RIO long. Twittterization!

and puts on DHI and BTU.

- day trade in DRYS was nice.

hedge on!!

Kidd Jones said...

In SDS $104 and Long DO $55

Kidd Jones said...

Im looking for S&P of 666...

Sign of Devilobama

Kidd Jones said...

and sitting 30% cash

sold FCX today for a 17% gain.

Pop on!

Anonymous said...

I used to follow your site about 1 and a half years before... Lot changed huh? Where did all the boobie gals go? :(

Anonymous said...

father of 2 baby girls... maturation of BOTD.

Anonymous said...


you should give the market roll another try?

Anonymous said...

BOTD, when you exit BTU? approx? pls let know...:)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

BTU paid.

are you following on twitter?

Unknown said...

NEM is back above $40... you still think it is overpriced? Going to reload NEM March $40 Puts? I sold most, but still have a few...thinking :)

Kidd Jones said...


Devilobama is coming...

SDS rolling today +8.6

Rockon BuyOn

Kidd Jones said...

FCX held tough today. Passed the $30 resistance area yesterday and held it today. What ya think about FCX peeps?

bounced off $30.50 area twice today

Anonymous said...

where is Botd ?