Sunday, March 8, 2009

Welcome to FRONT STREET ~ Intel Corporation (Public, NASDAQ:INTC)

The BULLish BOUNCE plays!

*add XOM

the FRONT STREET "if" strategy:  BUY the FRONT MONTH calls of confidence.  options expire MARCH 21st (two weeks of potential). ... "if" the markets rally, let's be in the FRONT MONTH (MARCH) ... take advantage of the move "now".  

BOTD owns slightly out-of-the-money(OTM) calls. not by choice, but due to market decline.  except GS, we caught a nice pre-rally entry on Friday in the MARCH 80s (GSCP) ...... "if" we rally, the "slightly" out-of-the-money (OTM) calls offer a nice risk/reward.  

p.s.  *OIL feels like the only thing that can rally this market.  look to add FRONT MONTH $XOM calls "if" we rally. 



BUY ON THE DIP said...

As the XOM turns, so does the market.

.... feel free to buy $ERX "if" we rally. and BGU/TNA.

Ps. We still own BAC march 4s . Not sure how.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

don't like options?! ... try $URE(empty buildings) and $DRYS(Baltic bounce?!)

Anonymous said...

xom, it is

thanks daddy

Anonymous said...

how big of a rally would have ?

Nexuiz said...

"OIL feels like the only thing that can rally this market"

Oil WANTS to rally, that's for sure, and so do many many other stocks. The problem is the banks won't let them. If oil rallies and the banks don't, I see this as very bearish. Just look back into the summer and remember what happened when oil was going high and the banks were going low. Oil crashed.

Without the banks, nothing can rally. And the way this administration is handling things, the odds still favor the downside.

A technical analyst I subscribe to currently has 6470-6529 as major support lines. If those break, look out below. If they hold, then we can have a significant bear market rally according to him. However, the financials, in my view, need to lead the way. Unfortunately, the situation with the banks is still dire.

I'm on the sidelines, and any rallies without the banks, I'll be shorting. Look out for GE, if GE goes down - it will be catastrophic for all stocks. Dow 4000 - 5000. This market is moving in fast speed, and while we may continue to hold a long term bearish view, the market is in such panic that it doesn't have the time, patience or appetite to accommodate our long term bearish views by providing any short term rallies.

Simply put, I feel that the market is nervously waiting for news on the banks, the longer the delay, the worst things will get.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

nice comment, thanks D!

agreed. banks/ oil is the key.

.... sara, no one knows anything. all we can do is watch/trade and see. anyone who says otherwise is just guessing. and glad to have you back around. how's school?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

dow 5000-6000. don't forget. trade accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Dow Jones -1.00 6673.00 3/9 1:20am

Anonymous said...

school is great,

thanks daddy

Kidd Jones said...


Wednesday is discussion on mark to market removal. SHould we buuy some FAS? Financials will double if they suspend this. thoughts?

Kidd Jones said...

thursday not wednesday...

Anonymous said...

mar 12