Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HOLE in the SKY!!?! ~ Exxon Mobil Corporation (Public, NYSE:XOM)

... yabba dabba doo! 

NEW YTD HIGH for Team BoTd!

*click chart for the many "white lines" of resistance in Exxon the fatty. 

Today's rally reminds me of a great movie quote from Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction, ..."let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet."

 The BOTD "oddly bullish" switch late yesterday from *short* ... to long with calls on $XOM and two chunky buys on $BGU.   

~ how do "we" do it?  
BAC4.79+1.04 (27.73%)
BGU17.19+2.59 (17.74%)

CX4.61+0.59 (14.68%)
RIO13.65+1.13 (9.03%)
XOM67.39+2.82 (4.37%)
IYR25.68+3.00 (13.23%)
INTC13.92+1.37 (10.92%)

the BOTD "bedrock" XOMCM calls up 65%+!!! 

TAKE some "profits of pride" in $INTC calls, $XOM calls, $RIO calls, and the $BAC March 4s. *still holding deep-under-water $IYR calls.(up 400% today, LOL) hmmmmm. 

"I've watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast
I've seen the western world go down in the east
The food of love became the greed of our time
But now I'm living on the profits of crime"


BUY ON THE DIP said...

the DINO chart work from last night was .. SPOT ON!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

out of $XOM,$INTC, $RIO, $CX, etc... winners!!


in $MON puts, $SPY puts.

still holding $IYR, $BAC.

Kidd Jones said...

sold my CELG and bought some FAZ at the close... Rock on BOTD!

p.s. small FAZ position and will increase as it drops in $5 increments. Bought at $55 so far

Anonymous said...

puts did not do to good today

BUY ON THE DIP said...

today was a "buy" puts day.

Tomorrow a "sell" puts day.