Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Stock Market is RIG'd ~ Transocean Inc. (Public, NYSE:RIG)

We "bought the BUZZER" on Friday! 

JAN 17, 2009
$50.00 CALL
3.10 -1.80 (-36.73%) 


UNG22.27-0.94 (-4.05%) * What is NatGas? 

USO33.06+0.33 (1.01%) *Usually Stopped Out*

OIL23.38+0.25 (1.08%) *nah*

DXO2.63-0.05 (-1.87%) *BUY SOME!*

-1.18 (-2.46%) *OWN IT*


BUY ON THE DIP said...

RIG is due for some BIG cancellations.

... this is just a trade. go team!

Anonymous said...

Economic Calendar
Dec 23 ICSC-Goldman Store Sales (wk12/20 , 2008)
Dec 23 Corporate Profits (Nov , 2008)
Dec 23 Gross Domestic Product (Q3f , 2008)
Dec 23 Redbook (wk12/20 , 2008)
Dec 23 New Home Sales (Nov , 2008)
Dec 23 Existing Home Sales (Nov , 2008)
Dec 23 Consumer Sentiment (Dec , 2008)
Dec 23 State Street Investor Confiden (Dec , 2008)
Dec 24 MBA Purchase Applications (wk12/19 , 2008)
Dec 24

Anonymous said...


is there a 3x etf for oil

Anonymous said...

The only one I know is ERX, the Russell 1000 3x energy bull. I don't believe it's strictly oil companies, but it's in most of the fastest moving energy companies trading.

Kidd Jones said...

I am already long DO... lets get some high oil booys.

I feel they are a stronger compnay than RIG. And that special dividend is nice.

Anonymous said...

anyone fo you guys have an idea bout red hat?Earning is tommorrow

BUY ON THE DIP said...

BuyOnTheDip holding $RIG calls. bought $ERY (again) less than 5 seconds ago from web

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Those $RIG calls have fallen to $2.40 from $3.10? (-22%)

I am long USOAH - $USO Jan $40 calls at $1 down to .60