Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas "Calls of Confidence" ~ Apple Inc.(Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

Friday Fun with Apple!

DEC 20, 2008
$ 100.000 CALL
+0.72 (+40.91%)

... $108 for x-mas~!

AAPL 98.27 +3.27 (3.44%) * Dec 12 - Close *
The 5 day.

we're still down on our original DEC 100 buy(3.75), but traded out a win on our 2nd & 3rd buys! holding the rest until $108 ;-)

The "calls of confidence" play:
1) buy/hold the Amigos (EEV, SKF, SRS, SDP) and FAZ
2) intra-day trade calls on the LONG side!
.... holding the Amigos gives you the confidence to get long during the day, knowing that if/when the market shits, you'll be in position.

Weekly Winners: GS & AAPL up 100% on Monday, X calls up 50% on Tuesday, FCX up 100%+ on Wednesday, Thursday The Amigos and FAZ up 20%+, and Friday fun with AAPL 100%!!!

LOSERS: HPQ puts, FRO puts, SPLS puts, MEE calls.

p.s. don't forget the MON *puts of profit* (100% from Tuesday to Thursday)

Did FAZ close above $55 today?

day's range: 45.30 - 56.49


BUY ON THE DIP said...

last nights champagne...hmmmm...

rule #5'd.

Anonymous said...

BOTD coo thanks for taking the time to post that one

BUY ON THE DIP said...

nah, that was just a quicky.

we'll do a good lenghty one this weekend. sorry for the lack of content or reason behind our plays, but this market makes it tough to keep an idea for more than a few days/hours.

the only thing we know is that the "O" bottom holds for 2008, and 2009, all bad. DOW 5000-6000.

p.s. get ready for some homework.

Anonymous said...

BOTD, i'm holding heavy short position in the iETFs, hopefully i can stay solvent longer then the market irrationality....any chance you can post your options plays in terms of which contracts you are buying and entry price :-) ...its festivus afterall...

Anonymous said...

jig are you watching BOTD real time on ?

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks BOTD! Really looking forward to the "lenghty one this weekend"!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

calling the AMIGOS and FAZ a "weekly winner" is a bit misleading. you know we are down on all (except SDP) and we went in BIG on FAZ at $55.

hence the FAZ 55 logo.

and check the new $100 SRS bottle of pop in the sidebar.


have a great weekend.

Gio said...

thanx for the card. hellah funny stuff with the sinatra.

Very good trading strategy on the Calls of Confidence. I have a similar strategy w/ my swing trades... hold the swing, while betting against them at 3-6x leverage when the market is against them.


Anonymous said...

Xcheck that out