Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The "new low" OIL PLAY! ~ United States Oil Fund LP (ETF)(Public, NYSE:USO)

what is OIL?
BUY (USO) on the DIP!
new low stop:


BUY ON THE DIP said...

40.06 +0.17 (+0.43%)


Unknown said...

Do NOT sell your your staples or FRO.


You will be kicking yourself if you do.

Do you really think any rally is going to stick?

One word:


Unknown said...


I will post a few trades later today to take down into the close.

Yes, I will be adding to SPLS too.

Unknown said...

What do you guys think of shorting GS? I jumped in too early on the short side ($62.24) but it looks like it's coming back down again, despite what the rest of the market is doing...

Unknown said...

GS always scare me. I could make an agrument both long and short.

Its not a bad call. I just don't have the balls.

Good luck.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

USO = usually stopped out!

Sold small loss.

Go amigos!

Troy said...

BOTD, are you still holding Staples? Whats your thought on this?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

yep, holding SPLS, and FRO puts.

everyday i'm hustlin'

Unknown said...

Buying SRS at the close. Shorting more SPLS.

Looking for a tough next few days.

We should test 8000 sometime soon

BUY ON THE DIP said...

yes to SRS at the buzzer!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

got it.

126.55 -38.39 (-23.28%)

Unknown said...

BOTD, are you still short on HPQ?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

yes puts on HPQ, and long ROM.

we're down on the puts, but up on the ROM. still holding 1/2 our SSO, ROM, DIG, from when we bought the "O" bottom.


Anonymous said...

Maybe try hedging with some short term calls.

Market will go down eventually, right?

but just to keep your face from being ripped off, might think of adding DEC calls on GE, GS, or AAPL?

Lubes said...

Buy on the Dip
Spec Earnings Puts
HR block on DEC 8th
Autozone on Dec 9th

Unknown said...


Picked up some SRS at the close $128.32. Id love to sell it at $200!!!!

FRO- 25's hung in there really well today. Im looking for it to be around 20-22 within a few days

SPLS- bought more puts at the close. Im looking for it to be 12-13 by next week.

Happy with all three.

Anonymous said...

WHERE did the cool refreshing dips and jaw dropping pops go?!

Check out those pops!

Anonymous said...

Oil will start to spike back up when the dollar finally gives up the ghost. when that is nobody knows. 6-12 months?

Anonymous said...

Lately oil has been a good sign for the direction of the market. The gap has spread between oil and the markets as of late. Either oil goes up or markets come down. I'm betting on the latter. See here for uso/dow .

SRS and AZO(puts) sounds good to me.

Unknown said...


Im buying SPG Dec 40 puts at the open. This stock is going to get hammered.

Good day,sir.

Anonymous said...

i've been short SPG (stock not options) since last week, you are right stock hustler gonna get hammered even more..

Anonymous said...

stupid FXP.

48.05 -2.03 (-4.05%)

Come on! I can't keep buying down. I need it to make a turn around

Unknown said...

Got into SRS at 122.00
Shorted SPLS at 16.45