Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. KAF & the Merck!!! ~ Merck & Co., Inc.(Public, NYSE:MRK)

JAN 17, 2009
$ 30.00CALL

.... top gainer in the DOW

The potential breakout!
watch $30 ish ... the "navy blue line"


BUY ON THE DIP said...

great call by one of our readers on .... RED HAT!

After Hours: 12.82 +0.92 (7.73%)

Anonymous said...

Also, take a look at ELMG~ this things a beast, what do you think? I'm seeing it project to 30-31 before it sells off... do you like it? or is it too aggressive?

Anonymous said...

Told you guys about RHT play.
nice profit here :).

Anonymous said...

MRK looks interesting- dumped my FAZ today, bought some rig calls - followed you in but (sadly) without the ERY HEDGE. Got friggin slammed on them today-- and the greywolf market halt wiped some gains--- looking for an exit tomorrow... I have AAPL JAN-09 $90 calls from last week that are puking -- what's your feel on AAPL??? andy in mass --oddthink (my blog is still pretty empty)

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at SDP? Why are we down so much? 60%

Anonymous said...

BOTD are you still holding FAZ, SRS, ans SDP?