Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. KAF & the Merck!!! ~ Merck & Co., Inc.(Public, NYSE:MRK)

JAN 17, 2009
$ 30.00CALL

.... top gainer in the DOW

The potential breakout!
watch $30 ish ... the "navy blue line"


BUY ON THE DIP said...

great call by one of our readers on .... RED HAT!

After Hours: 12.82 +0.92 (7.73%)

Anonymous said...

BOTD, I'm liking the chart on Merck... Plus don't they make Xanax? Xanax rocks, and so does BOTD. Do you think it fills that open gap it put in up at 38.28 to 37.99 back in July before it comes back down?? I'm thinking swing trade on this, what's your consensus?? I think if it tests that 31.25/31.69ish resistance range with a close over it could be confirmation of a leg up to the open gap, thoughts? I might start building a small position tomorrow, I'd like your opinion on the potential breakout, I'm looking at strong support around 26.74, 2 points downside vs. 9+ upside, I like the risk / reward. Ok, I kinda just sold myself on a chunk of drugs~ I'll be buying tommorow, whoooooweeee!

Anonymous said...

Also, take a look at ELMG~ this things a beast, what do you think? I'm seeing it project to 30-31 before it sells off... do you like it? or is it too aggressive?

Anonymous said...

Told you guys about RHT play.
nice profit here :).

Anonymous said...

MRK looks interesting- dumped my FAZ today, bought some rig calls - followed you in but (sadly) without the ERY HEDGE. Got friggin slammed on them today-- and the greywolf market halt wiped some gains--- looking for an exit tomorrow... I have AAPL JAN-09 $90 calls from last week that are puking -- what's your feel on AAPL??? andy in mass --oddthink (my blog is still pretty empty)

Anonymous said...

Have you looked at SDP? Why are we down so much? 60%

Anonymous said...

BOTD are you still holding FAZ, SRS, ans SDP?