Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Night Football: Chargers vs. Raiders @ Qualcomm

with BOTD!
Section F11
Row 19
seats 6 - 9

yes, our seats are on the Raiders sideline. and yes, we are going with Chargers fans, hmmmm.

Name Price Change
FAZ 56.19 +1.19 (2.16%)
SKF 138.63 +3.63 (2.69%)
EEV 79.44 +5.79 (7.86%)
FXP 50.78 +3.87 (8.25%)
SRS 118.63 +3.21 (2.78%)
SDP 79.87 +3.87 (5.09%)

go team.


BUY ON THE DIP said...

"Silence, ... something about silence makes me sick."

today: no twits, no post during market hours, no comments, just silence.

how'd everyone like the last hour?

p.s. "anger is a gift"

Anonymous said...

yay! your alive!

Anonymous said...

daddy is home

BUY ON THE DIP said...

hey, and look for us on TV during the game... we'll be holding up the "FAZ 55" logo!


Unknown said...

Stockhustler here!!!

Ive been thinking about what Im going to buy when my FRO dips below 25 (soon). My spls trades sub 15 (soon). And, my SPG is sub 40. And, my pot puts trade to 45.

Maybe Ill buy a house?

I also have a little FAS as a hedge. I was trading that thing all day and made some coin. I took some down at the end of the day b/c the financials have been hanging in (??????)

Market tanks at end of day and:

XLF is only down 0.13
SKF is only up $3.62
MS & JPM up decent


Whats up with that?

Lubes said...

U had a decline and then a last min short covering rally. Everyone is waiting for tomorrows numbers before deciding to go up or down. Hopefully down all of next week So I can sell these Dec puts for some change

Lets pay my college bill before the new year. Only 67k more to go

Unknown said...

Let me tell you something, let me tell you something: be a bad man.  The babies love that shit, Mikey, they love it.  Be a bear with claws and a big growl and teeth that gnaw like you’re pullin’ a salmon from a river, and the salmon just tries to break free, but she can’t, and she tries to swim hard against the current, hard as she can, hard as she can, but it’s of no use, you know why?

Because you’re so money and you don’t even know it.  Let them know you’re bad.

Let's go team (of bears)!

Anonymous said...


Would you consider getting Disqus for your comments?

Anonymous said...


If the s&p closes below 820 tomorrow I wanna see some sweet titties cause my faz holding/ tuition funding will skyrocket.

By the way, thanks. I first stumbled across this site when HK was high n' flyin back in june. Since then, I have become a way more educated trader after I lost 5000$ on the market (gf isn't too stoked about that---wants a ring, talk me out of it lol). From this site, you introduced me to and then stocktwits. I have developed a greater understanding of world economics (don't learn about that in engineering college) and as a result I have become more in touch with when something is priced at a good deal. Kudos to you BOTD, you rock!

Remember, sweet titties if s&p breaks down tomorrow and if not, a cheque in the mail addressed to me so that I can go to school next term :) haha jk.


BUY ON THE DIP said...


DISQUS , what's the real benefit? .... seems like more trouble. sell me on it.



LOL, good luck. don't have kids!!
the market is just a game.
FAZ is a worthless piece of paper.

focus on school. work hard. blah, blah
haha, on second thought ... you sold me, go FAZ! BOOBS are good!