Thursday, September 18, 2008

SHORT SELLERS: Don't Read This!

The VIX spikes HUGE above $42 ... closes at $33ish


The DOW loves 12,000! 

p.s.  The day after the BIGGEST one day Money Market redemption ... talk about selling at the bottom. 

The Baltic Dry Index, a measure of commodity-shipping rates, gained 2.1 percent yesterday in London, the most since Aug14. 

with some calls on EEM (the world is round!) 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

how was our timing on selling ORCL today under $18?

and DGP on that 10% intraday spike?

go team!

Anonymous said...

This government is trash. Banning short selling will only yield temporary relief. I will not be actively trading any more.

I will keep some gold stocks, agriculture and commodities, the rest goes into physical gold/silver and my business. I will not re-enter the market aggressively until after the economy collapses. I am quite sure that it will.

Anonymous said...

this government is definitely trash..i have an idea...lets give loans to a bunch of people that don't deserve it, lets sell those loans make a shit load of money, then lets have the government bail us out??? sounds like a winning formula...anyone agree?

BUY ON THE DIP said...


BUY JRJC .... $12.55

target 15+

localandbitter said...
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localandbitter said...

SEC releases order to ban short selling of 799 Financial firms. Order takes effect 19 September, with some market makers exempt. Does not affect exercise of prior obtained options. End of short-sale prohibition period on 2 October.

SEC Order:

I have a list with the names of 799 communists...

List of non-shortable financials:

Anonymous said...

JRJC may be too late its already at 14 premarket

Anonymous said...

everything is up 30-50% premarket!