Friday, September 19, 2008

GREEN FRIDAY !!! ~ The Gift of LIFE!


Our "LAST SHOT" on DIG, CAM, NOV, DO, etc could not have been more timely.   

Some call it luck, we call it profits. 

DIG $73.28 +5.78 (8.56%)

EP14.05+0.75 (5.64%)
DO110.38+5.38 (5.12%)
NOV58.30+5.57 (10.56%)
CAM43.47+3.34 (8.32%)
EEM36.47+2.26 (6.61%)
RIO22.81+2.25 (10.94%)
CLF73.90+4.68 (6.76%)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

SHORTed COF at $56+

puts of power!

Anonymous said...

System let you short?

Or are you talking puts?

Anonymous said...

My SKF shares are trading again, I got in on a bunch RIGHT before they announced the UK short selling ban which panic'd people to cover here, i got out but it hurt me, I then got back in when it was much lower trying to find a bottom, hurt me some more, finally rebounding. hehe

So thats why I am so angry and bitter over the short rule, that was total BS.

Anonymous said...

Traders are pissed off, many will get out and buy gold/silver etc.

Anonymous said...

so on oct 1, would it be good to get into dgp again ,

since all the short will kill all the banks again on the oct 2


BUY ON THE DIP said...

The dry shippers are movin'!!

Today is wonderful.

COF sucked.

EEM is nice.

Go team! ... And yes we know HK is ripping!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

DIG hit $77! We win.

Anonymous said...

I am shorting BBBY

Bed, Bath and BS

Looking for other things to short, suggestions? Need replacement for my financial shorts.

Anonymous said...

Back to shorting DFS, had covered before the mess.

Anonymous said...

do you think financials will pull back on Monday or will they continue the recovery?

Anonymous said...

I think Monday is going to be a down day, especially if we have a big bank failure this weekend.

Anonymous said...

botd you make some crazy ass call all on the money

thanks i'm going to have the best weekend i ever had

Anonymous said...

made a killing on EEM and RSX today!


Anonymous said...

Love the site, one question:

What software/utility are you using as depicted in the post's photo?


Anonymous said...

Nevermind found it, have a safe weekend guys dont get too drunk :)

Anonymous said...

Question where do you actually go to get physical gold and silver. After today's news I sorta want to prepare a future for my kids without a dollar. If you know please place a link etc

Anonymous said...

i got in on DRYS ! GO TEAM!