Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Have you seen my ass? ~ part 74







-6.00 (-8.15%)
-5.55 (-7.70%)
-1.12 (-4.93%)
-6.13 (-7.98%)
-0.74 (-4.91%)
-1.79 (-9.16%)
-1.96 (-4.59%)

p.s. HK down 13% more, hmmm... nice sell Floyd.


jd said...

Dude, don't worry.

We've got manipulation here and it won't last, dollar still due to fall, only question is how long they can keep this crap up!

I am buying physical gold/sivler lately , just an FYI. It's my chaos hedge as this country is bankrupt and what happens in the next couple years is anybody's guess.

jd said...

Thats a quality ass shot btw.

Seizure said...

I'm still holding HK. At this rate I guess I will be the last one out, I'll make sure to turn off the lights

jd said...

I longed ORCL BOTD, I'm with you on it being too low, will sell the POP.

Kevin said...

i'm still in on HK unfortunately...there goes tuition money :P. It seems that HK is just following the sector though...basically all energy stocks are sucking real bad right now. Any takes? It is because of this that I have held onto HK. Don't get me wrong, I'm a stock market newb haha, but that is my take.

P.S. BOTD, take me under your wing, I've lost a lot of tuition money lately...lets turn the account from (-) to (+) haha. I'm following your calls and want to botd. My holdings are cameco (CCO), EMC, and HK. What do you suggest I do with those?

P.P.S I don't have an options account because "I don't qualify"...rubbish.

Mattyrye said...

HK is a buy here...as is CLF..Margin Clerks go home in 30 minutes, then were off to the races..

jd said...

DIG is now a super buy.

I took a 10% haircut on it though, its capping my gains for today. ALL YOUR FAULT BOTD!!! :-)

Should get a counter-rally soon that will offset things though. Hopefully tomorrow. Overall oil should be going back up. who knows what scams the central bankers are running though.

sara said...

sad,, i'm lost my ass to day ..

botd,, daddy you let me down ,


jd said...

sara he may have just been early to the game.

Early doesn't mean wrong.

Anonymous said...

COP has to be a buy here...this is just too much..any thoughts?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

we are so tempted to buy the blood, its getting rediculous.

as for COP, wait for it to take out the 52 week low of:

67.85 on

.... Dividend Yield 2.75%

Big Mike said...

i got out on HK the day before BOTD posted about floyd fucken floyd but oh well.. i say take your lossess and or go long

i'll probally wait for COP and get in it


jd said...

I bought the blood.

However, so you know, this market is going down soon. I'm talking 2000 or 3000 points within months. Watch your back if you are long.

This is a bear market.

The USA is bankrupt.