Saturday, September 13, 2008

Break On Through! ~ PepsiCo, Inc. (Public, NYSE:PEP)

The NAVY BLUE Line of Death? 

Pepsi breaks through!! 

... our commodity meltdown savior, get PEPIN! (up 20.75% more on friday :-) 

p.s.  CLF up 20%+ in 3 days. 


Anonymous said...

nice win!

Mattyrye said...

Todays Picks..

Arizona, Buffalo, New Orleans, Minnesota, Tampa Bay

3-2 last week..

BUY ON THE DIP said...


McNabb! PHI

kevin said...


need your opinion... I believe gold and diamonds are about to rally. what is your take on these two stocks. It looks like a lot of money is to be had over the winter months on these picks.

Gold- abx (barrick gold)
Diamonds- SGF (ishore gold inc.)

I need to make back the money I lost on HK lol.


BUY ON THE DIP said...


as for gold, we like KGC and DGP. , but barrick is money too.

and diamond prices are going higher. not sure about ishore...hmmm... short NILE? on a pop.

jd said...

BOTD , dow futures -330 on Lehman news. Hope you're short.

I'm mostly short, only thing I'm long are some commodities.

However I sat in some cash too and no leverage.

sara said...

any trades for airlines tomorrow on monday

Lungfish said...

yo BOTD...what sort of gains
do you shoot for?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

stocks 5% to 10% gains.

options 30%+

seizure said...

no comments on any AIG plays?

seizure said...

no comments on any AIG plays?

jd said...

BOTd, KGC down 5%? AU holding firm, what is the weakness with your gold stock pick?

sara said...

botd,, what looks good today ,, or wait till tomorrow,,

clf, down

Anonymous said...

Stop fishing for answers and let them do what they do everytime I see a new comment I figure its a good post like BOTD or JD on a few

Sara u are freaking killing me it feels like the comment board is nagging at me

As the site says
our opinion is ours, we are not brokers. ( once again stop fishing and do some research on your own)

Anonymous said...


sara said...

whoa.. sorry did not mean to get to , my last post ..

jd said...

Meltdown is on, I still got some financial shorts that should do well, but I covered some today I shouldn't have, playing it safe.

My SKF calls starting to kick in finally! Lets see that $200 run-up! :-)

BUY ON THE DIP said...


We love ya! Stay with us.

Go team!