Saturday, September 6, 2008

Feature Film: Who shot McBama?

you can't say, "I am going to kill the President." ... you just can't.  Its against the law.  Even as a joke, you can't say "I will shoot the President in the face" ... seriously,  just typing the words "I WILL KILL THE PRESIDENT" is illegal.   

p.s.  be a man,  get off the internet.   go watch football. 


Mattyrye said...

Speaking of football, heres some picks for you BOTD betters..(hit at 61% clip last year..)

Cowboys -5 1/2 , Colts -9, Bills -1, Bengals -1 1/2, Saints -3

gl boys...GO IKE!

Jim Collins said...

Be careful with that shit. Some of your loyal followers may work for the Government and may not find it amusing or something to kid around about. Just saying.