Friday, September 19, 2008

Double Feature: Market on Steroids!


jd said...


This guy didn't know wrestling was fake until age 33, man. Dim.

jd said...

Anonymous said...

any thought on ABK?

jd said...

Short COF, DFS, AXP, those are still able to short. Also, I'm looking for good retail stocks to short. Stay away from commercial lenders or anybody who's hurt by mortgages, since the gov is about to authorize $700b to buy their junk debts. ...and that's just the starting amount. This is very bullish for gold/silver and other commodities and agriculture as the US dollar will be inflated even further, dollar going down again.

Angelo Pappas said...

Im only gonna open positions
when Point Break references are
made. From here on out!!

Bluedog said...

Where do you get your nifty daily option price charts? Such as this:

Thanks guys! Go San Diego!!


BUY ON THE DIP said...

etrade for daily option charts

You go to StreetScene?

Bluedog said...

Thanks BOTD.

I didn't go to Street Scene. I had a friend's farewell party last night in the UCSD area. How was it?


jd said...

Blue dog, raaawwr ruff ruff.

Are you on marketwatch?

I am jd603 there.

jd said...

Rome is burning: