Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Morning BreakOut: Valhi, Inc. (Public, NYSE:VHI)

17.98 +0.58 (3.33%)
... buy the mini-pullback!!! 

SELL TARGET = $21.50+
p.s.  as if we didn't have enough problems with AGU.  
 go team! 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

COF down 4%+ ... nice :-)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

DRYS and EXM hit new 52 lows today.
did you pick some up?

kevin said...



Go team

jd said...

no new shorts of COF. heh

I bought in the money calls on AUY today at 0.95

Sold my AGU calls today too for gains, still holding the stock.

I expect the bill to pass and stocks to rally, gold to rise o nthe news too. however, it will only drag things on, ultimately, we will still have a hellish economy even depression.

jd said...

I will be shorting or buying puts for BBBY before market close today, they have a habbit of "beating estimates" though, even though their sales are falling. So there's some risk.

kevin said...


I need some help...

Ok, so with SIL, I was in school today and was unable to catch the 4.16 high.

It seems that it held above its resistance level of 3.00$. Tomorrow I am banking that there will be another run, and the upper resistance level of 4.00$ will be challenged.

You have been trading stocks WAY longer and more often than I have and I would just like some friendly advice.



kevin said...


what kind of a sell limit are we looking for for drys?

jd said...

Looks like BBBY made earnings, Profits still shrinking. Pretty neutral results.

Might just keep my short open.

jd said...

i'm kidding myself, their profit is off a cliff, die BBBY, short stays! DIE!

BUY ON THE DIP said...


with a SPEC play like SIL, we say take profits. who knows whats really going on? we like the long SILVER idea, but SIL is a bit too spec.

and on DRYS, lets hold, hoping it stays above todays 52Wk Low: 43.65
...if it hits $41ish we'll probably get out.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

and jd,

FUCK fluffy pillows!

LONG JRJC said...

whats up with JRJC????

JRJC +2.3%

must be this great site:

go team!

jd said...

Good news on AGU, rating upgrade.

up after hours already.

Wish I didn't sell my calls today, still got 100 shares tho. :-)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

COF afterhours:

After Hours: 49.67 -2.82 (-5.37%)
Sep 24, 7:57PM EDT

jd said...

Yeah COF is diluting their shares. heheh

localandbitter said...

Baltic Dry Index looks to have been hammered 6% overnight... gonna get out of DRYS?

Got squeezed out of COF on Thursday/Friday -- Wish I hadn't covered on my short... then again who knows what rules will be each day?