Monday, May 19, 2008

XTO option fun! ~ XTO Energy Inc. (Public, NYSE:XTO)

This morning we added XTOFN, and boy was it fun.  Until about 2:00pm 


JUN 21, 2008 $ 70.000 CALL


 XTOFuN ???  (yes, we know its lame, but it works for SOLF up 10 million percent again today)  SOL & SOLF?   does anyone own these? can we just buy some and make it stop? ala MXC ;-)

p.s.  VIP + RUSSIA = LOVE  ... cell phones. russia. 30 P/E. 1.6% div. broke $36 today.  BOTD added under $29.  We took profits in our MAY options like a champ, and today our JUNE's are in bloom. go team! 

p.s.s.   VISA(V) hit $84.74 today ... still with us? 

*** ALSO FROM "Unusual Option Activity" POST:    

TRICO (TRMA) up 10% today :-)  
Royal Bank of Canada (RY) down 1% :-( 


Anonymous said...

what's your target for xtofn? It was nice watching it until 2 :(

BUY ON THE DIP said...

target = new highs for XTO!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, the whole market dropped at two.