Thursday, May 29, 2008

MASTER CARD takes VISA! ~ Visa Inc. (Public, NYSE:V)

MasterCard(MA) +22.11 (+7.71%) gives sexy long term outlook and takes VISA for the ride! 

VISA (V) $85.25 +3.33 (+4.06%)

BOTD up 9%+ on VISA common stock ... bought the first dip, held the second (doh!), and now for the third ?  ... options are "pricing in" a $4 move over the next 21 days.    



Anonymous said...

XTO was down today... where do you see it in the short term?

& look at a MA chart since IPO. MA and V are the most reliable stocks in my opinion.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

XTO, we bought more at $61 the other day. looks like its going down short term

they did sign a bunch of new land.
Hundreds of landowners sign natural gas leases with XTO
Press & Sun-Bulletin - 1 hour ago

next buy around $57....