Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Unusual Option Activity" ~ BOTD adds XTO!

Thursday XTO had HUGE option activity in both MAY and JUNE calls.  Friday XTO up 6%+ , the May calls produced amazing returns ... now, it's time for JUNE to pay. 

JUN 21, 2008 $ 70.000 CALL
       (XTOFN)  @ $1.60  

XTO currently at $67 , ... 52 week high is $70.


p.s. Unusual Option Activity Friday:

TRICO MARINE SERVICES (TRMA) ... Trico just announced they are buying DeepOcean, stock dropped 7% ... TRMA @ $33, downside 10% , upside more. 

Royal Bank of Canada  (RY)  ... 4% div at $50/share & Canada is HOT! ... and a $420M writedown, that's always a good thing, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hey are there sites that monitor options activity... how did you find out about the "unusual option activity?"

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

when in doubt, type it into google.

"unusual option activity"

Anonymous said...

Will do.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

we use an etrade screen.

also check out shaffers or yahoo for option activity volume.... unusual daily volume or change in open interest.


Josh said...

Those are good sites to use. The problem is with unusual option activity is you don't know if they are buying or selling. Following changes in open interest is a good step to see that new positions have been opened, but a factor of things could be happening such as a delta neutral strategy or covered call. On twitter and on our site we do write about names with increased order flow of activity and with our systems we can see when/where trades have hit the bid/ask. We also post daily scans of equity names with unusual option activity. our URL is at