Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Petrohawk (HK) misses by .01 & Floyd pumps 21 million shares?

Floyd surprises with EARNINGS miss a day early and kills (HKE) IPO opting for an additional 21 million public shares ... no call? no email? c'mon Floyd!

Petrohawk up 7%+  today !!!  .... but gave it all back and then some

After Hours: 24.00 -2.36 (-8.95%)

DIPfolio Update:   ... MUST TAKE PROFITS in 2008! 

BUENAVISTA (BVN) 64.83 +1.34 (2.11%) 
VIMPEL (VIP) 31.18 +1.20 (4.00%)
LG DISPLAY (LPL) 23.40 +1.35 (6.12%) **NEW WINNER**
PRIDE (PDE) 43.14 +0.20 (0.47%)
 NOBLE (NE) 62.26 +3.01 (5.08%) **NEW HIGHS, again**


JOHN J. said...

nice call on LPL , still going higher? or too much, too quick?


thanks Rambo,

we watched LPL outperform last year. and we finally got the 'dip' ... our logic was GLW reported a nice quarter , the demand for LCD is here....LCD beat plasma, ....LPL will contine to outperform, up 6% today...about 10% since reco. must take profits in 2008. if you bought options, we love options
and trade on 5% and 10% gains, take profits frequently! ...
... but if you bought the common stock, we say hold. LPL is a winner.

Jim Collins said...
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Jim Collins said...

Floyd is messin with us, man. 30 by Friday. You guys want a hit?

Anonymous said...

BOTD what do you think of SNCR?

It is down 42%. I think it is time to buy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

vimpel up huge!!!