Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Petrohawk (HK) misses by .01 & Floyd pumps 21 million shares?

Floyd surprises with EARNINGS miss a day early and kills (HKE) IPO opting for an additional 21 million public shares ... no call? no email? c'mon Floyd!

Petrohawk up 7%+  today !!!  .... but gave it all back and then some

After Hours: 24.00 -2.36 (-8.95%)

DIPfolio Update:   ... MUST TAKE PROFITS in 2008! 

BUENAVISTA (BVN) 64.83 +1.34 (2.11%) 
VIMPEL (VIP) 31.18 +1.20 (4.00%)
LG DISPLAY (LPL) 23.40 +1.35 (6.12%) **NEW WINNER**
PRIDE (PDE) 43.14 +0.20 (0.47%)
 NOBLE (NE) 62.26 +3.01 (5.08%) **NEW HIGHS, again**


Anonymous said...

nice call on LPL , still going higher? or too much, too quick?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

thanks Rambo,

we watched LPL outperform last year. and we finally got the 'dip' ... our logic was GLW reported a nice quarter , the demand for LCD is here....LCD beat plasma, ....LPL will contine to outperform, up 6% today...about 10% since reco. must take profits in 2008. if you bought options, we love options
and trade on 5% and 10% gains, take profits frequently! ...
... but if you bought the common stock, we say hold. LPL is a winner.

Jim Collins said...
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Jim Collins said...

Floyd is messin with us, man. 30 by Friday. You guys want a hit?

Anonymous said...

BOTD what do you think of SNCR?

It is down 42%. I think it is time to buy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

vimpel up huge!!!