Thursday, May 22, 2008

TOO MUCH CASH? Don't BUY Visa! ~ Visa Inc. (Public, NYSE:V)

Last time we had "too much cash" , we bought VISA on the dip around $78ish .... hmmm ... VISA jumped back to $84+ ... did we take profits?  NO!  


today VISA (V) @ $77  

WE SUCK part 33.

... still LONG V ... BUY ON THE DIP! 70? 60? .. P/E under 100? 


Anonymous said...

I picked the wrong ones. I got in on SEED and V... UGH

I forgot to buy ZUMZ before the market closed today. BIG MISTAKE!!!

Anonymous said...

Check out DLTR! With a solid uptrend, earnings next week and a weak economy you know people are bargain hunting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I did the same thing, got out of SEED today and am going long on V (should have taken profits when they were there).

I picked up DKS today, it seems like a 16% decline is bound to bounce back slightly. I've learned my lesson and will take the 5% profit when it comes.

BUY ON THE DIP said...

nice call on ZUMZ,

you called it a few days back. too bad you didn't get in.

whats next?

its hard to buy retails with confidence in this environment.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:54. I bought V calls today and DKS calls (when DKS was down 21%).

I think DKS should go up a bit tomorrow (ceo was on fast money). If so, then I'm selling for a nice profit.

As far as V, I'm not so sure. I may sell off tomorrow and wait and see what happens. (I bought June calls for both).


Danny said...

Yea...should of taken profit in V but didn' i will sit on it til after the Olympic

SEED is killing me....but SSN made up for it.. 8)

BUY ON THE DIP said...

p.s VISA (V) is at $86.16 today.

high of $87.56 ... hmmm ....

we win.