Monday, May 26, 2008

3G iPhone arrives via DryShips? ~ Apple Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:AAPL)

188 "unknown" containers arrive at APPLE! ...

The Word on the Dock?

“Bill of Lading # HLCUSHA0803FTFR8, arrived at the port of New York on the Vessel NYK Delphinus on May 17th.” That shipment contained 504 cartons, weighing 7140 kg, of the vaguely described “electric computer.”


Apple Inc.


DryShips Inc.



Anonymous said...

7140 kg X 2.20462262 = 15741.005 lbs

15741.005 * 2.6 iPhones/lb = 40,926 iPhones

Seems like a small amount.

iPhone - Weight 4.8 oz (6 oz with packaging?)

Anonymous said...

7,140 kg. refers to the weight of the contents of one container? 7,140/504kg, convert to lbs=31.67 per "electric computer." perhaps not iphones? 30 pound iphone boxes?

Anonymous said...

188 Unknown Container
(I'm assuming 40ft containers?)

I 40ft container is 2,377 cubic ft
1 ipod box in cubic feet: .447 * .447 * .125 = 0.024976125

2,377/0.024976125 = 95,170 ipods can fit on a 40ft container

95,170 ipods * 188 containers=
17,891,960 ipod

Give the containers some breathing room and then 188 40ft containers could easily fit around 15 million ipods?

Is my math right?

Anonymous said...

NYK Delphinus is a containership, owned by NYK- quoted in Japan.

DRYS is in the bulk raw materials business- nothing to do with liner shipping such as those going to Port Newark with ipods.

Anonymous said...

We understand it wasn't dryships. Just a fun way to RECO both companies.

We are looking to buy DRYS on this dip!

And already own AAPL.


Anonymous said...

.DQRGS? said...

picked up a 85 call and two 90 calls on drys yesterday, beautiful call botd!!! holding onto one 90 still to see where she goes!