Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Must be all those iPhones? ~ DryShips Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:DRYS)

Our Holiday-Monday RECO on DryShips (DRYS) was spot on! 

DRYS $95.39 
+8.36 (+9.61%)

With the early drop on Tuesday morning, you couldn't have bought much higher than $87, was down 5%+ ... did you BOTD? 

p.s. yes, we know iPhones don't ship via DRYS.   We just like the extra traffic, haha 

p.s.s.  what a day!!!?! ... SNCR added 2%! ...VIP back above $36! ...the BOTD oil plays (HK, XTO, PDE, NE) look to be pumping again ... and shit, why didn't we buy more VISA(V)? up 4%+ today.  sorry bout that "don't buy VISA" post, we just wanted more lower.  

Blog Marketing Tip # 52:  
want more traffic?  write about AAPL! 
  ... Apple is the most searched/popular stock in the world.  Humorously adding AAPL into our DRYS reco post boosted traffic by 2600+ visits!     ... go team! 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

we are a bit mad about selling (AG) .....that shit (SEED) soured us into selling both.

shouldda kept AGCO (AG) ... fudge.

our only long agriculture play is SQM.

Ragin' Cajun said...

SQM looks great here!

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Ever since that ratio split its been on fire!

Good to have you back RC!

Jim Collins said...

Shorting AMZN short-term for .5-1.00 profit; looks like a hammer candle here.

Jim Collins said...

BTW How about the amazing Apple (AAPL) iPhone huh? LOL. Just trying to help.

Jim Collins said...

SQM doesnt have options )(*&^%$!