Sunday, January 18, 2009

NFL SUPER BOWL SUNDAY ~ TIP #190: How to turn $50 into $190.91+!!! ... (or zero)


Step #1  ... get $50 bucks. 

(will be ZERO again if you're wrong) 

Step #2 ... go to 

Step #3 ... get $50 free! *
*sign up with bonus code: DOCS50 (guess how we found it?)


Step #4 ... BET ON SOMETHING that pays double! 
  (we took "the OVER" all day today

Step #5 ... WIN.  
(or guess correctly) 

NEW ACCOUNT TOTAL  = $190.91  *commissions of $9.09

MAKE the SUPER BOWL a bit more exciting 
       ... bet "the under" with BOTD! 

Extra Bonus: FREE $25 toward your 1st HOOPS bet! 

 ☛ Check the R.O.I.  ☛ $50 instantly turns into $100, then with one coin-toss 50/50 football bet you're up to $190.91 ... then you make a $25 basketball bet, they match $25, you've got $50 on the line .... win that and BAMM! you're up to $250ish. (with a total investment risk of $50)

BOTD 'z HUGE RETURNS! .... sure, this shit sounds like an infomercial and $200 bucks isn't a lot of money.  BOTD is all about picking a side, making a bet, taking a shot, blah, blah ... we love football, basketball, baseball, poker, and even the ponies.  If you already use SportsBook, this isn't the post for you.  But, if you like SPORTS and have $50 bucks to waste, this will make for a fun day. ... just takes $50 and a dream! 

p.s.  bet on the winner of AMERICAN IDOL or the BEST RAP ALBUM at the GRAMMY AWARDS.  (Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, NAS, or TI)  ... lil' wayne is a lock, right?   .... weaddle, weadddle, weee


kevin said...

ing anybody?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

Short DF.

Anonymous said...

weak... i only got a 10% deposit bonus. wheres my free $ 50??

Yellow Blade said...

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