Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life in the FAS lane! ~ FINANCIAL BULL 3X (Public, NYSE:FAS)


FAS ~ $9.90
  +2.27 (+29.75%)

BOTD: $8.20 

"Faster than Fast, Quicker than Quick!"

Ohhh say can you see!!!

Extended Hours: 
10.34 +.44 (+4.44%) 


The FAS "buy on the dip" ... day trade or swing trade?  not sure yet.  BOTD almost took profits at the buzzer, but up 30%+, we have some freedom to let it go LIGHTNING!  Cachoooga!

p.s. BOTD  vs.  AMR  ... another "SHORT SOMETHING" List winner!!  (BOTD victims BG, ICE, JRCC, COST and now AMR


Anonymous said...


was that the pop for fas ?

do we get back into faz ?

Anonymous said...

FAZ dropped when ^VIX dropped. now its bullish so FAS is going up up and away.

Anonymous said...

for those interested, the EFGU train leaves tomorrow in the AM.

BOTD, by the way, you can DOUBLE your money and you WILL...brotherly trust --- heard a lil' bird :P

Unknown said...


Great call on FAS! Love the comment from last night "All we can do is watch the big names C, WFC, BAC, USB, etc...".

I got in around 2:30 ET @ $8.64 but if I had been watching closely (and if I didn't have a job where I had to be doing work), GS started breaking upwards about 15 minutes before FAS did and C was about 10 minutes before. Had I caught that I would have been able to get in at $8.24, which would have given me an extra 5% gain.

kevin, for a stock that costs .25, I'll throw $100 at it. :)

Anonymous said...

BOTD, what sell stop limits you have on FAS?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

breed, thanks mang! ... yep the names within the ETF always tell the story ahead. is that arbitrage?

p.s. stop on fas 9.20 ($1 locked in gain, will move up on the AM pop, if we get one)

Anonymous said...

Is it time to get into FAZ?

Anonymous said...

UNP going up

Anonymous said...

Did you get into UNP?

Anonymous said...

FAS is sinking further, contrary to pre-market activity. did your stop catch it?