Wednesday, January 23, 2008


BEN & GEORGE ....hmmmm.... 

"hey lets make rates under 3% and incentivize BANKS to make loans again."

"sure, I'm outta here anyways" 

"me too" 

....THE BIG R is still in play!  

a few quick questions:  can you refi when you are past due on your mortgage?, can you borrow money with shitty credit? can you get "new" credit cards? or buy a car?  ... NO!  NO! NO! and NO! 

*these rate cuts don't help PEOPLE, they help BANKS.    thats fucked up. 

80% CASH is KING.  10% long, 10% short

yes, the CMG SHORT is at $127 and looks to be going higher, and yes we are losing money, and yes we are adding more puts on the p.o.p!  

WATCHLIST adds :  DXD, MZZ  ..... looking to add more SHORT plays.


Anonymous said...

why'd you delete all the comments?

Rav said...

Im waiting for your guys to post something... what's the matter? still got the bear blues?

Anonymous said...

did we take another vacation?

Anonymous said...

10% short, 90% gay

Anonymous said...

I miss BOTD! I just went all in, I think its a great time for buyers. Cheap stocks!!!