Friday, January 18, 2008

CASH IS KING!!!! ~ 80% CASH, 10% short, 10% long...

FUCK IT! The BOTD DIPfolio went to 80% CASH this week.
...Let's let the market figure out which way its going before putting CASH back to work.

The US of A Personal Financial Statement:
credit cards = MAXED OUT
HOUSE = FUCKED's over.

SHORT BUS KILLS ALL! ~ COF down 4% today :-) GRMN down almost 2% more :-)
This week we sold our LONGS, global growth, tech, oil, ag, etc & some SHORTS to raise more CASH ..... still holding recently acquired RJA as our FOOD inflation play. and SHORT BUS still SHORT the usual suspects as captive passengers, ODP, DPZ, JOE, etc...... until we see the jaws of life. CBG is going DOWN! ...COF is maxed out! ....and CMG, our $120+ dollar, 60 P/E, restaurant stock of PUT POWER is growing!

CMG is ready to break, get out your maracas and salt shakers! (the party is over!)
(BUY PUTS ON THE POP) ..... we should see a general market bounce, ....if/when CMG goes above $125 ..... P.O.P.!!!!!

SHORT ETF "watchlist" BUY LIST: SDS, REW, DOG, DUG, SMN, SKF, TWM..... and today P.O.P. added FXP on todays dip, short china down 9%+, ........ BUY ON THE DIP .... it feels good to say that again!
buy SHORT ETFs on the dip in 2008

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nice short list , thanks.