Wednesday, January 16, 2008

CHIPO- TOP- heavy.   ( boobs are good ;-) BUY the JUNE $120PUTS   ….. for under $20!  … buy “puts on the pop” as CMG recovers from its recent dip from $150 to $115 ….. currently at about $120 , we are getting a nice little bounce here….GET SHORT with PUT POWER! …. and watch over the next few months as a $120 restaurant stock falls south to Mexi-land. just need to get under $100 by JUNE!?!   CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC CL A JUN 21, 2008 $ 120.000 PUT (CMGRD : OPRA)Burritos are cheap, service is cheap, CMG is expensive.  P/E = 60ish …  news flash = they sell food in AMERICA,  not a good business right now.  news flash 2 = GROWTH story? hmmm , though times ahead. not good.  (sure ho’s gotta eat, but take her fat ass to Roberto’s!) Contents of a  BURRITO = MEAT, CHEESE, BEANS, RICE, etc…..  can you say RAW COSTS?   a.k.a for 2008! 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

watch for GREMLINS in your burrito!

CMG goes down.

$120 restaurant stock. bye bye.

Anonymous said...

why the weird link ? why not post on your own site ?

Anonymous said...

we got lazy, and wanted 5 stars from our BOTD team.

And there is some nice info over there.

We added our cmg put today


Anonymous said...

Can I ask you why you added CMG?? Isn't it already down?? and isn't it one of the best lunches?
Any insight? I wanna go short on your reco...but then I see that theres a gud support at 116 and 110!
Are the revenues going down?? And moreover...if we are in recession should we not be buying food stocks??
Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Guys what's going on with RIO???? I am all fucked up in such a good stock tooo..I have some at 34! Is it that buy more time???

BUY ON THE DIP said...

CMG is $120 , P/E 60, ... everything goes down.

sure we love a $4 burrito, but ALL STOCKS GET SOLD.