Friday, January 11, 2008

The SHORT BUS continues its ride SOUTH!

the BOTD (P.O.P., puts on the pop) SHORT LIST:

what a great day on the SHORT BUS !!!

(JOE) ... joe who? JOE MAMA! = 42.59 -0.33 (-0.77%)
(GRMN) ...who needs you? ...... today = 71.40-6.60 (-8.46%)
(COF) ... can you say default? = 42.59 -0.33 (-0.77%)
(MPG) ... real estate? fake estate. ...... today = 26.82-0.71 (-2.58%)
(CBG) ... wanna buy a house?... today = 17.91+0.40 (2.28%)
(AXP) ... good credit people suck too today = 44.00-4.92 (-10.06%)
(SHLD) ... sears is garbage. ..... today = 96.17-4.06 (-4.05%)
(HD) ...the worst place in the world. ..... today = 24.71-0.57 (-2.25%)
(DPZ) ... cardboard pizza anyone? ..... today = 11.86-0.47 (-3.81%)
(RRGB) ... gourmet burger from red robin, ha. 27.63-1.07 (-3.73%)
(DF) ... got MILK? short MILK. = 24.97-0.37 (-1.46%)
(ODP) ... office depot is still here, why? today = 11.75 -0.68 (-5.47%)
(HET) ... can't gamble if you don't have cash. 88.35 -0.59 (-0.66%)
(HOT) ... you are not cool hanging at the W... 39.45-1.61 (-3.92%)

we added (HOTNI) yesterday, and SOLD some "puts" for 30%+ gains!!! ... and how about GRMN taking a dump ....puts on the pop baby! (p.o.p)

14 shorts and only one's fun being short stuff. (remember to take profits, we will not give back gains in 2008. BOTD loves 5% and 10% gains...even if we have to short things to make that 5%)....HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!


Anonymous said...

we did lose some money today!

WFR is sucking silcon balls.
and the rest of our TECH longs suck!

EMC and CSCO keep getting pounded.

all tech is taking a beating.

only good news is our PRICELINE puts are making money! going down, down down, crash crash.

Anonymous said...

CARD BOARD pizza sucks!

January 9, 2008 4:28 PM EST
S&P Equity Research downgrades Domino's Pizza (NYSE: DPZ) from Hold to Sell.

S&P analyst, M. Basham, says, "Our downgrade is premised on our view that demand for home-delivered pizza is more price elastic than pizza eaten away from home (or other casual dining alternatives). As a result, we think DPZ will have little pricing power in 2008, and we now forecast a marginal decline in 2008 in domestic revenues for the company. This, coupled with ongoing cost pressures, and in light of DPZ's highly leveraged capital structure after 2007's recapitalization, leads us to lower our '08 EPS estimate by $0.20 to $0.75, and cut our DCF-based target price by $5, to $10."

Anonymous said...

I have been reading this blog for a while now and wanted to get your take on ETFC. You think it has any potential?

BUY ON THE DIP said...

nope. just a few random pops and drops ...a bit too tough to call either way on a given day. we sold all our calls that one trade. good luck.

Anonymous said...


What do you use to decide if you will put or call a stock ? For example, I thought that GRMN was poised for a bounce up (and still might be), but you put it on the SHORT BUS. How do you decide ?


Anonymous said...

grmn just seems overpriced, high p/e, industry competition from cell phone companies with gps, and tech is getting beat down.

The grmn chart screamed 77 dropping to 70...10% loss just looked like a given.

But tech looks due to pop next week... Inthis market we must stay on our toes and go with it, switching directions almost daily...its crazy with volatility.

Not sure if that helps....just make sure to take fast profits when you get them.