Monday, January 14, 2008

CHINA & INDIA love COAL.... BTU is #1

BOTD added PEABODY ENERGY (BTU) last week on the dip to $55 ..... hmmmm .... some asked why?  

today up 5%+ 

BTU =  $58.22! 

* fast money pumped COAL & BTU on CNBC tonight *

** and did you watch POT today, it was flat on the year....not any more.

*** WFR finally got some love today, lets hope the TECH rally continues.... 


BUY ON THE DIP said...

yes, we pump stocks we already own.


we think they go higher.

more money is good.

buy on dips, pullbacks, down days, when the world is over. etc. you do not have to buy tomorrow.

"They say `become a doctor', but I don't have the patience/patients."

- common sense (aka) COMMON.

Anonymous said...

Guys what da hell is going on with WFR :( I bought it at 86 and again at its back to 68 :( it's hurting my ass! I can't short stocks like you guys can...coz my broker won't allow coz I don't have enuf maaaney :( Please help....Tell me one thing to own...I am sure Mr.Copter has to cut by .50 points udderwize my already sick portfolio will get murdered. Please advice me.
Here are my details:
Total money $12000 and change

WFR: $4000 50 shares Avg price $79
GS: $2000 10 shares Avg price $209
CISG:$2000 100 shares Avg Price $20
N :$2000 25 shares Avg Price $44
CML :$2000 100 sharesAvg Price $20

Now the total portfolio is almost half down :(

Please help me to re adjust my portfolio. I will never leave you if it works out.
A losers portfolio :(

Anonymous said...

What the shiit......INTC whacked down after hours....I'm sure tomorrow the market is going into the toilet...and me into my office potty :(

BUY ON THE DIP said...

wfr is solar tech, and a 75 dollar stock, also it is held by some BIG BOYS, they are selling everything. it still goes lower. sorry.

gs might be in trouble too.

N is another tech with too much competition and its tech, so it gets sold with the others.

CML = another tech. geeezzz....

lets get some ULTRASHORT stuff....check out SDS, buy on a dip.

also you need some GOLD on the dip. (KGC, AUY, GLD, NEM, etc...)

or the fly favorite (DUG) ...shorting oil plays, ... not our favorite idea, but it works to get short.

or short china with FXP.

you dont need to "short" with your broker to get short. buy ETF's shorty style.