Wednesday, January 9, 2008


   well not everything (tomorrow actually looks good ;-)
....but atleast anything having to do with broke ass america.

Who needs CASH?  we do. you do. the banks do. we are all fucked... the USA is an over-extend, MAXED OUT,  credit charging, christmas spending, overpriced, $15 lunch, $4 gas, defaulted mortgage, past due, uneducated, spoiled, unemployed, energy wasting, planet killing bunch of greedy ass PIMPS!


(JOE) ... joe who? JOE MAMA! 
(GRMN) ...who needs you?
(COF) ... can you say default?
(MPG) ... real estate? fake estate.
(CBG) ... wanna buy a house?
(AXP) ... some good credit people suck too.
(SHLD) ... sears is garbage.
(HD) ...the worst place in the world.
(DPZ) ... cardboard pizza anyone? 
(RRGB) ... gourmet burger from red robin, ha. 
(DF) ... got MILK? short MILK.
(ODP) ... office depot is still here, why?
(HET) ... can't gamble if you don't have cash.
(HOT) ... you are not cool hanging at the W.

.....we have more but thats enough for now. (look for to get short on this next pop)


BUY ON THE DIP said...

i thought this was "buy" on the dip...what gives?

Anonymous said...

you borrowed money that you cant pay back.

so did you. and you. and you. and you. and that guy over there, and her, and him, and me, and us, and we.

weweewe all the home, ohh wait you have no home.

crawl into the pain cave with us.

Anonymous said...

not even.... We are getting short on this pop... This is what we the end of the post...sure we had a typo but we said get short on this pop.

Puts get cheaper as the stock goes up .

We are short HOT, COF, AXP, JOE...and looking to add the others soon. Be patient. The market will take another shit after the CFC news and rate cut hype dies down.

Unemployment is going higher and consumer spending is in the toilet.

Buy puts on the pop!

BUY ON THE DIP said...


13 of 14 went down today...