Tuesday, August 7, 2007

What does "super pickle" and "POT" have in common?

Both are GREEN and flying higher!

$88.47 = POT new 52week high!

BOTD added POTASH CORP SASK INC COM (POT: NYSE) on the JULY 25th dip...and today AUGUST 7th we took out the 52 week high!http://www.buyonthedip.com/2007/07/we-want-to-get-high-so-high-botd-loves.html

BOTD loves POT! go team!


HK reports in the AM, look to take some profits.
Q2 2007 earnings are expected to be announced on August 8, 2007
Estimates: 0.18 0.147 0.09 (High Mean Low)

HK current price $15.16 +0.71 (+4.91%)


Anonymous said...

i think MON is on the way back up too.

nice reco on POT!

Anonymous said...

POT is the bomb!