Thursday, August 16, 2007

DOW 12,539.24



Anonymous said...

Sell MPEL or hold?

Anonymous said...

might as well hold at this point...this market is fucking nuts.

just hold til 2008.

Anonymous said...

MPEL is down now because there are worries about whether it will be able to secure it's loan to continue expansion. I don't know if this is even a valid concern, but with the amount of volume for the past few days, it is very very scary.

The conference call is TODAY. In 30 minutes.

To join the conference call, please use the dial in details below:

US Toll Free Number: 1.866.362.4831

Hong Kong Toll Free Number: 852.3002.1672

Australia Toll Free Number: 1.800.002.971
UK Toll Free Number: 00.800.280.02002

US Toll Number: (for international callers) 1.617.597.5347

Passcode: MPEL

Anonymous said...

in case the comment box hid this, the article URL is: