Thursday, August 16, 2007


BOTD posted about the 12,700 level...and as usual we were a bit off, but had the right idea ...the dow broke 12,600 and hit a low of 12,517.94 .... then rallied back 250pts in the last hour...POWER HOUR!

Don't believe the "green" hype....sure its nice to come back from 300pts down...but we need to "end" was a tease, a test, a glimpse of whats to come.

HOLD your stocks, HOLD your cash
...then BUY ON THE DIP!


Anonymous said...

u guys said sell yesterday ...I sold Apple and NYX....both are up more than 9% from the point I sold ....:(
You guys suck. God please forgive me for listening to these people .

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for bashing BOTD. At the time selling would have been a smart move if you did not further short-term losses, luckily this morning we were able to get a rate cut which brought things up significantly. Without the rate cut you'd be kissing BOTD's ass because you'd be down another 9% in each + this rate cut was unexpected, the FED decided it was the time to jump in without any warning. Despite Bill Poole stating "There is no need for an emergency rate cut" they did it anyways. Be thankful, BOTD is human, and in no way do you have to trade entirely without conscience. BOTD is there to help, and you have to agree... if purchased AAPL and NYX at original RECOs you'd be up... well at least up in AAPL. BOTD has recommended and stuck with NYX despite its struggling stock. There have been numerous RE-RECOs for NYX where you could have profited.

Anonymous said...

and they did say buy under 12,700, even though they got scared mid day as it got close to 12,500.

thats when we all should have bought.

and we all make our own decisions, these blogs and RECOs and just someone elses opinion. you must also have your own opinion.

good luck to all. here comes 3pm power hour!

Anonymous said...

why does botd reply in anonymous?

Anonymous said...

why would you sell NYX?

record volume month over month!

Anonymous said...

i think the first comment is from BOTD.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the first reply and I am not BOTD, just a long time reader :)

Anonymous said...

their UNH call got me through this last week.

thanks dipheads!