Thursday, August 9, 2007

hey that worked!

-0.13 (-0.82%)

taking quick profits is fun!


BUY ON THE DIP said...

HK is green again.

15.91 +0.03 (+0.19%)

Anonymous said...

i bought this in the 16s, so no love for me :(

BUY ON THE DIP said...

did you buy more under $14? or leverage your bet with an options play?

...we pounded the table about HK under $14 know we are LONG!

HK will soar to new highs again!


Anonymous said...

the earnings report was awesome....our CEO of the year Floyd Wilson
is taking PETROHAWK to the next level...making it as attractive as
possible to potential buyers...they trimmed the fat & polished the
balance sheet and you know HK is our pick of the year....we are
stubbornly LONG HK!!!! .....OIL is "THE" play! ....bigger OIL
wants, needs, and will pay big bucks for companies like HK.

we want new highs! (17.50+) ... we want news of a sale and 20+!

if you bought the JAN 08 options with our RECOs'd be up over
50%, twice.(must take profits!!!)

... and with the common stock dropping below $14 on Monday, and up
11.75% in the last 3 days...we say take some more profits ($$$
$)....then please hold some for news of a sale/ipo/spinoff/etc or when
FLOYD leaves, we leave....hope this helps.... thanks for the kind
words ... and BOTD!

Anonymous said...

After Hours: 16.20 +0.05 (0.33%) - Aug 09, 6:32PM ET

how high in the $16s?

Anonymous said...

"i bought this in the 16s, so no love for me :("

we hit $17 today!



have a nice weekend all!