Tuesday, August 21, 2007


BOTD watchlist:

Look out the window and see what is real?

This "rate cut hype" has us a bit DAZED AND CONFUSED ...did that 300 point dip really punish the easy money monkeys? ... a half day of pain and panic? a month of RED? you know we are FOREVER BULLS, but?!@? another DIP is coming!!! Word on the street is 100% chance of another rate cut, thats not much room for error...can the fed disappoint?

Lets have some fun until then...BUY ON THE DIP!

Badger Meter, Inc. (Public, AMEX:BMI) ... under $32
...another water play ....sure, we need to manage the flow!

NIKE, Inc. (Public, NYSE:NKE) ... under $54

...we missed, and it feels like a golf ball in the nuts? did you see DICK's sporting goods today (DKS)! UA is on fire! CROX too! ...we like ELY...but tonight its NIKE!

Monsanto Company (Public, NYSE:MON) ... under $64
... our smokey green friend POT (Potash) is on the rise from the dip...but MON still stuck in the mud... c'mon MON!

Honeywell International Inc. (Public, NYSE:HON) ... under $55
... down 10% from its high ... safe and secure ...that's what they do.

yes, we know 3 of 4 are old CRAMER PICKS ... just call us buy-cramers-old-picks-on-the-dip.com instead.

p.s. wait for some RED! ... then BUY ON THE DIP!

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