Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WINNER: MACY's ...just M.....(hey we've seen this headline before, hmmmm)

BOTD calls another one! Today's talk of Macy's going private sealed the deal for the DIPfolio.

+3.06 (+7.64%)

...check out the 3 month chart... BOTD buy RECO was MAY 16th, when it was a confusing Federated (FD) ...back then, with the switch to "just M" we couldn't resist the sexy dip... and heck, we shop at good ole M... if ya bought, held on or even traded this retail rollercoaster since our reco, today was your day... hands up ! weeee! take more profits! M trade above 45+ at the open, and ended just above $43....a reminder to take some profits and "sell the news" ....and go with the DIP LOGIC of 5% & 10% profit taking in the short term, and LONG the long term...go bulls! GO TEAM!

p.s. check out all the 5%+ bounces, wish we had bought every dip.

p.p.s. BUY something on todays DIP....look at the chart for a "good stock"... pick one, pick any... and think...hmmm...."what if I had bought every dip?"


Anonymous said...

you see HK today!

on the comeback trail...

Anonymous said...

Lets hope gas prices keep rising! What about KOG? I think a new RECO should be posted to BUY!