Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Market is RED ....POT is Green!

The world of stocks choked today...and it hurts!
One of the only greens in our Dipfolio was POT.... seems like a great solution to numb the pain.
DOW down 400+ points for a bit today, and its not over for early green tomorrow...don't fall for the trick, wait for more dips before buying.
Bob please save us!!!!
p.s. This is not a reco, just an FYI....the other greens in the DIPfolio were, ... leftover apples (AAPL), and holy crap were the wifeys right on (CROX)...... and the last green was leftover winnings from the ROO trade, which if you look at the chart are almost nothing at this point, but...(RGRP) is back in play says Cramer....and the tape proves it....who's got a good tech play?


Anonymous said...


Last 58.15 Change +7.56 (+14.94%)


JJ2000426 said...

A great opportunity in SWC, which had been battered down 25% in 4 days by a desperate concentrated short who is unable to unwind its huge short position. Expect some great resersal tomorrow because this is one absolutely oversold stock with very bullish fundamentals.

I have done my research and explained everything about this concentrated short. Follow my link and do your own DD.

This is a rare opportunity you do NOT want to miss tomorrow. At least 10% profit in one day!!!

Anonymous said...

tech play = EMC for just 5% to 10%.

Anonymous said...

Potash Corp of Saskatchewan "outperform," target price raised

Friday, July 27, 2007 1:32:05 PM ET
BMO Capital Markets

NEW YORK, July 27 ( - Analysts at BMO Capital Markets reiterate their "outperform" rating on Potash Corp of Saskatchewan (POT.NYS). The target price has been raised from $80 to $85.