Wednesday, July 25, 2007

STOP LOSS: ouchhhh MTW falls off the earth!

MTW was a bad call...timing was poor with bad CAT poo on the highway and overall market negativity.

sorry team.

SELL for now....we still like, but we are holding CAT, we don't need both right now....we did like the MARINE side of MANITOWOC, but ohh well, hit the sell.


Anonymous said...

i think its time to sell everything , August is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

I initiated a position in CAT today.

Anonymous said...

cramer yelled CAT, CAT, CAT again....80 to 120?

Your Adarsh said...

MTW will go higher. Should have bought some...NO CASH at disposal :(
Have some lined up for KFT. Getting some KFT Monday ;)

Anonymous said...

MTW RISES over 7 percent now due to earnnings, good pick, bad timing