Monday, July 30, 2007

Here it comes....the Last Day of the Month!

If you are a broker, a trader, a bank, an investor, a salesperson, etc...if you know sales, you know MONTH END!

Last day to hit numbers, last day to effect your income, this is it.

And with the month of JULY being a NEW HIGHS and the BIGGEST DIP month since FEBRUARY (look what happened back then)...record volume trading and selling galore last week...this will be a day of discovery and one to remember.

.....the "market makers" want to end the month GREEN!

was this DIP the real RED, ...or just another SCARLETT?

DIPfolio "current" favorites:


(*reports earnings in the AM)

watching NMX* earnings tomorrow too, we've traded successfully and own some leftovers now...go exchanges!


Anonymous said...

RIO! back at $50! thanks BOTD!

Anonymous said...

NYMEX Holdings Q2 Profit Rises 9%; Revenues Up 34% - Quick Facts [NMX]

Anonymous said...

Citigroup analyst comments on Caterpillar Inc (NYSE: CAT): Visit to Hydraulics Plant - Spent Monday in Joliet, IL, visiting one of the key areas of operational cost problems for CAT in 2Q, its large hydraulics plant that serves all CAT machine sizes though particularly for large machines. We approximate Joliet's problems caused about 20% of CAT's 2Q cost problems. Worst Is Over for Joliet - After delivery problems peaked in early 2Q (creating operational cost problems for CAT machine plants), the past 5 weeks Joliet is back on track with on-time deliveries almost back to where they were toward the end of last year. Our target price for Caterpillar, Inc. is $95."