Friday, July 20, 2007

CAT CRAP! down 8%+ ....can you BUY ON THE DIP!?!!!!


find an option and BUY it for CAT!
...we like strike price of 80, pick one toward the end of the year or next...and BOTD!

this is a GIFT!


EXAMPLE: .... 6.90-4.79 (-40.98%) CATERPILLAR INC DEL COM JAN 19, 2008 $ 80.000 CALL (CATAP : OPRA)

....BUY CAT for under $7 bucks!!! you think CAT will be above $87 by JAN??? if so BUY!


Anonymous said...

Now's the time to buy Caterpillar, says Citigroup analyst

Caterpillar Inc. may be taking a bruising on results that were way below Wall Street's expectations, but investors should keep in mind the company's strong top line before they sell, Citigroup said in a note.

Caterpillar stock was down 7% in early morning trading Friday to $81. Shares hit an all-time high Thursday at $87, and are up almost 30% from a year ago.

"We've been here before with this stock," Citigroup analyst David Raso said, noting Caterpillar (CAT) has struggled in past cycles with unexpected operating and material-cost pressures. For the year, costs are expected to be about $150 million more than anticipated.

"With top line still looking strong ... internationally, and North America likely flushing out the worst of its production hits in 2007...we'd be buyers on weakness today."

Earnings for the maker of earth-moving machinery were $823 million, or $1.24 a share, with revenue of $11.4 billion. Excluding a 7 cents-a-share charge, earnings were $1.31, below analysts mean estimate of $1.49 a share on revenue of $11.1 billion, as provided by Thomson Financial. Analysts' estimates typically exclude one-time items.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for a while and have done some small time trading. What are options though and how do I buy them?

Your Adarsh said...

I'm loving the conference call! Just bought some at $79.1. Will buy back on any dip, may be on Monday. Missed the last run up.
hahaha dumped GOOG yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Instead of playing the stock I decided to play options and bought some $80 Jan '08 calls for less than BOTD's post!

Good move? Bad move? Should I have picked up some stock instead? Or should I pick up both?

Anonymous said...

'We're pleased with second-quarter sales and revenues which demonstrated the strength of our global reach,' Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Jim Owens said in a statement.

Your Adarsh said...

Calls look really interesting ...but I always try to keeep myself from going into that tab on my brokers website. I don't play options. That was the reason I bought the stock. But, the current pricings look damn cheap. Congratulations..that should be a very good buy.
Your Adarsh

Anonymous said...

Purchased the Jan '08 calls @ $6.60, last BID price $7.70! Not a bad gain in 2 hours. Adar I find your site to be very similar to BOTD, I now visit it daily. Kepp up the good work both BOTD and Adar!

Anonymous said...



bid is at $8.25

hmmmm....$6.90 to $8.25 today...

making money is always a good move!

Anonymous said...

and climbing .. bid = 8.40


go BOTD!

Anonymous said...

This CAT needs a leash, the bulls are after it! $8.85 BID, good for just under a 35% gain!

Your Adarsh said...

Thanks for the guy who mentioned hitting me everyday..[blushing]
Thanks again.