Thursday, July 12, 2007

NEW 52 WEEK HIGHS ~ did we mention Brazil yet?


We even went to the extreme of posting brazilian boobs at a soccer game to get attention! ....did you listen? did you buy? do you own BRAZIL?

+1.24 (+2.53%)

+1.65 (+3.34%)

.....and our lil' kitty...purr

83.49 (+1.58) .....not exactly BRAZIL, but CAT is our global machinery play!



Anonymous said...

CAT hits $84.

BOTD is right ...again.

great stock, great company.

Anonymous said...

RIO is the best stock ever!

thanks for making me buy more.

Anonymous said...

Rockin' In RIO! Nice call BOTD! Question about HK... Buy more or sell my current position? I'm holding 900 shares and it has been climbing down ever so slowly. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

RIO and SBS are amazing, thanks for the props!

As for HK, ....if you just want the standard DIPfolio 5 & 10% all means take some of today we are up 10%+ from our buy RECO.

BOTD is holding & long HK.

We are considering an option play on HK on this recent DIP....

no real reason to buy at todays level ....not just yet.

Anonymous said...


watch HK at $15.50

seems to be our new support level....hmmm...

we like $16+ better....

OIL will continue to rise and demand will continue to rise!

HK is our play, stick with HK!

Anonymous said...

Are we expecting any jump after they report earnings? I'm thinking of buying 100 more shares of HK at this price.

Anonymous said...

I've been following this blog for about 2 months and I must say you guys have made some serious money. Great jobs guys n keep it rolling.

What do you guys think of option play on NYX 90 Nov'07 ? or loading the stock when it goes past 83 ?

Jeff said...

I was out of RIO at the last plateau and solidified my ABV. A little better returns but I still like RIO. Brazil is good to our portfolios like their women are to our eyes...

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