Sunday, April 8, 2007

The DIPology behind the DIPfolio!

The DIPfolio is comprised of stocks that are at or near potential bottoms...we say we like bottoms, and we do!
.'s like searching for the last cold beer in the fridge.

The key is to find a sexy stock on the DIP...**check the crisper, behind the lettuce**...we like one's down 5% or more, and the DIP Logic says that if the company is strong and the market is strong then the stock that is on a temporary DIP will rebound. Again we like to take quick gains at the 5% and 10% profit points. Always lock in the gains, this is a short term game. Trade in the relative near term (1-3 weeks)...and remember to always have an extra pair of striped socks.

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Anonymous said...

you seem to be pretty accurate so far. keep it up!